December 29, 2015


Bangalore Makespace and Open Source Creativity (now known officially as “Makespace and Open Source Creativity”)is a Digital Social Business that provides ECOSYSTEM SERVICES for Makerspaces, Hackerspaces, Innovation Centres and other organizations looking to create opportunities with respect to the Global Maker Movement.

With a twist on the conventional engineering education, Makespace and Open Source Creativity intends on facilitating multi-dimensional learning

Our Mission and Goals:

  •  To create new avenues for Makers and Maker Organizations in the realm of Educational Programming
  •  To help set up Makerspaces, both fixed and pop-up.
  •  Curate Maker Events, Training Programmes and Maker Outreach Campaigns
  •  To aid with Project Management of Maker Products and Services

We invite members of the wider regional, countrywide and even global Maker Community to take part in our online forum ( and physical events to help shape and co-create the Indian Maker Movement.

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