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DIY Electronics

We offer short term courses and bootcamps in Electronics, Robotics & the Internet of Things (IoT)

Pop-Up Makerspaces

Hire us to create a temporary or permanent Makerspace or Innovation Lab at your organization


Join our partner Workspace – to access our exclusive inventory of the latest hardware & embedded systems modules

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We also curate specialty events in domains such as AR/VR , Drone Design and Data Visualization.


Why We Do What We Do
India's Largest Community of Makers

Makespace and Open Source Creativity is a Social Business whose main goal is to spread and uphold the Maker Movement via Grassroots Innovation. It is a decentralized network of Makers, Hackers, Startups and Enthusiasts that collaborate across geographical barriers and knowledge domains.

Makerspaces need not solely be "physical" spaces where community forms. Digital Collaboration platforms are rapidly gaining momentum as more and more people subscribe to social networking to stimulate new idea generation.

We were born during the month of April of 2013 and have since had a strong online presence through our principal Facebook Community creating opportunities and awareness for makers, hackers and DIYers from all walks of life.

  • Co-creation
  • Collaboration
  • Design
  • Invention

Join Our team

We are first and foremost a COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION! There are many ways for you to get involved.
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Volunteer to teach or help out at events!
We host workshops,hackathons and jam sessions. We need your help to ensure they run smoothly :)
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Spend a month or two working on specific projects with us!
Regardless of your stream we have positions for all student backgrounds. Work on a specific project or a general set of tasks depending on your interest.
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Part-time Dignitary. Full-time Cheerleader!
We are always looking for great Public Relations representatives to spread the word about all the awesome stuff we do!
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Help us raise funds!
In order to make “Making” and the Maker Movement accessible to more people we need investment to come in from stakeholders. Help us identify new sources of income so we can continue doing what we do.

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